Behind every art studio there are individuals with the drive and passion to create cutting edge visuals. Inferno Digital is lead by Animator and VFX artist Jorge Garza. Who's gained experience and knowledge in CGI development through film and media advertising. Jorge's interest in visual effects and animation stems from many innovative films such as Godzilla (1954), Star Wars: A New Hope to Jurassic Park. Currently headquartered within the state of Texas. Inferno Digital aims to deliver top quality content across all media platforms. Providing various services including 3D Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. Inferno Digital works hard to achieve the best in animation and design, to turn ideas in reality and bring inspiration to screens of all sizes. Among these goals another important aspect for creative growth is connecting with the community of talented artists in bringing stories together. Success is built on the heels of collaboration. Let's bring entertainment to the masses.