Creating Digital Magic

Inferno Digital brings passion and creativity to the fore front of entertainment media. Collaborating with artists, directors and producers to ensure that every scene and every frame is delivered with the highest quality for screen presentation. For nearly ten years Inferno Digital has assisted in visual storytelling across all genres from film to television advertising offering services in Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.

Development and growth are always critical in the development of world class content and Inferno Digital is always looking to add new skills to it's creative toolset.

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Illusion Of Motion

From small furry animals to giant monsters, robots to spaceships. Virtual characters can help expand your story. Inferno Digital offers services in the creation of computer Animation. For the past decade Inferno Digital has contributed to the creation of professional short films such as the 2009 theatrical short "Live Music" and television advertisements including a Super Bowl spot. While assisting companies such as Mass Animation and Reel FX Studios. Future projects lie ahead! Learn more and watch the latest showreel displaying work in 3D animation.

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The CGI Realm

Ever think of taking a story to far off worlds or giving a person unimaginable powers that's when the technology of computer generated imagery can turn ideas into reality. Inferno Digital has worked with developing and merging visual effect shots for film and television. Multiple techniques are offered to help build a shot such as Compositing, Simulated Effects, Matte Painting and Graphic Design. Color Grading can also help in finalizing the shot during the post production process. Learn more about the newest reel showcasing work in the art of visual effects.

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Pixels Of Motion And Design

The drive for creativity is ongoing. Inferno Digital offers up additional tools to help put a project together. Services include Video Editing, Motion Graphics, and Graphic Design to help with any post production needs. Pre Production is always important when planning out shots with the help of concept art. The latest tool offered by Inferno Digital.

If you have a project you would like to discuss send a message,

Inferno Digital will be happy to collaborate and help bring cinematic ideas to life.